Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Indian Summer

Whew! The past few months have whirled by and yet again I've failed to post anything. I'm the most useless blogger! To be fair it has been a pretty chaotic summer this year..my sister and I have moved house- TOGETHER at last which is great and Ive been spending quite a bit of time back home in Manchester which I think has been really good for me but my parents also. Also I managed to get to Wilderness festival this year which was such a laugh, I spent most of my time there covered in glitter & henna which can't be a bad thing.

We're heading to Paris soon with work for PV and a bit of vintage rummaging, and as we're supposedly in for a final blast of decent weather before the deep dark rainy Winter sets in I thought I'd post my ideal Indian Summer mood/wardrobe inspiration. On the wishlist for Paris this year are folky smock dresses, biker boots, a fun fur coat, snuggly oversize chunky knits, dusters, a decent coat and some interesting costume jewelery pieces. Also feeling tie dye, perhaps I'll have a little experiment on some plain shirts- could do with longer tops to go over jeans and leggings this winter, think they look a lot chicer!

All images via pinterest. I do not own any

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