Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Be still my beating heart!

Just a quick post, as I've been busily putting together our Fashion Week boards the past few days, there's been some pretty spectacular shows so far. Osklen, Richard Nicholl, Christopher Raeburn and Erdem have all been standouts for me, Burberry and Matthew Williamson however are easily the stars of the shows!

Live streaming the Burberry show was a stroke of genius in my opinion, I was instantly more excited about the show as my anticipation was built up watching the final preparations, guests arriving and the rather beautiful James Bay serenading the crowd. The palette was just perfection, I loved the oversized graphic insect prints, as I did the ultra feminine ombre tulle dresses. I must admit I'm not a huge trainer fan, nor was I as interested in Christopher Bailey's latest reinvention; the denim jacket. The show on the whole though was a resounding success, quintessentially British and the perfect balance between commercial vs fashion. Also absolutely loving Jourdan Dunns' new 'do, that woman is ridiculously beautiful!

The minute I spied the SS15 mood board on Matthew Williamsons' instagram, I knew he was back to his fabulous 70s inspired bohemian jetsetter best. I'm honestly starting to worry a little about my obsession with this man...

Williamson has said of this collection, "I wanted this to be a real, honest collection, going back to our DNA, a celebration of what we do with strength and passion" and I think he's definitely delivered one of his strongest shows to date. I did a bit of research after hearing Marie Helvin was the muse behind the show, and wow, I can definitely see the inspiration! Such beautiful images (she was married to David Bailey for a time), this is one of the many reasons I have such an admiration for Mr Williamson. He's heavily influenced by interesting imagery, locations and women, which he then translates into exquisite, impacting prints that are still completely wearable. He's very visual and a complete magpie, but manages to make all the elements- colour, pattern, embroidery come together and work for him. A true Prince of Prints!

All images via Vogue, Style.com & Pinterest. I, very very sadly, do not own any

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Indian Summer

Whew! The past few months have whirled by and yet again I've failed to post anything. I'm the most useless blogger! To be fair it has been a pretty chaotic summer this year..my sister and I have moved house- TOGETHER at last which is great and Ive been spending quite a bit of time back home in Manchester which I think has been really good for me but my parents also. Also I managed to get to Wilderness festival this year which was such a laugh, I spent most of my time there covered in glitter & henna which can't be a bad thing.

We're heading to Paris soon with work for PV and a bit of vintage rummaging, and as we're supposedly in for a final blast of decent weather before the deep dark rainy Winter sets in I thought I'd post my ideal Indian Summer mood/wardrobe inspiration. On the wishlist for Paris this year are folky smock dresses, biker boots, a fun fur coat, snuggly oversize chunky knits, dusters, a decent coat and some interesting costume jewelery pieces. Also feeling tie dye, perhaps I'll have a little experiment on some plain shirts- could do with longer tops to go over jeans and leggings this winter, think they look a lot chicer!

All images via pinterest. I do not own any

Friday, 30 May 2014


Angelina's long been an idol of mine, I admire that she's always marched to the beat of her own drum and done her own thing regardless of what other people think or say. So, I was rather excited when news first broke that she'd be playing the brilliantly wicked role of Maleficent, once the source of my childhood nightmares! I watched it on Wednesday with my sister and boy, she does not disappoint! I genuinely think I'd have preferred it if she'd been the only person on screen for the duration of the film, she looked absolutely incredible. Her props and costumes we're spot on and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Here's a few stills and advertisements for the film, I think you'll agree Angelina is pretty much the only person on this planet who manages to make the weird Lady Gaga cheek implants work for her--

I'm a lover of the 'darker' elements to fashion so watching Maleficent immediately conjured up the incredible Dolce & Gabbana AW14 catwalk to me, I think this show had a real Sleeping Beauty narrative to it--

I've been hunting around for more gothic fairytale-esque inspiration since Wednesday, think I might experiment over the next couple of weeks. Might get myself a sheer lace gown, feathers some chain mail!

So yes, I'm sort of in love with Angelina and now Maleficent, the baddest of them all. Bow down bitches!

All images via pinterest, I do not own any